Dimmick Wastewater Service: ‘Service” Is The Key


At Dimmick’s shop in Randolph trucks are cleaned and serviced and portable toilets maintained to ship out to job site and events. [Photos by Ben DeFlorio]At Dimmick’s shop in Randolph trucks are cleaned and serviced and portable toilets maintained to ship out to job site and events. [Photos by Ben DeFlorio]

At Dimmick’s shop in Randolph trucks are cleaned and serviced and portable toilets maintained to ship out to job site and events. [Photos by Ben DeFlorio]

What’s one topic that everyone has to deal with, but most would rather not have to think about? With over 30 years of experience, Dimmick Wastewater Services, also known as Vermont Septic Service, provides the entire community with friendliness, professionalism, and with a variety of services to meet customers’ septic needs.

“Our motto is simply: service, service, service, service,” emphasizes owner Robert Dimmick. “We strive to provide customers with a good, fair job every time.”



Family owned and locally operated out of two locations along Route 66 in Randolph, Dimmick’s offers a full range of septic pumpings, system evaluations, engineering and design, and portable toilet rentals for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Available on the company’s website is a handy FAQ page that reviews some of the myths and facts around septic system maintenance.

With Dimmick’s, septic care goes beyond simply pumping out a system; they also provide a visual evaluation of the system’s performance and suggestions for follow-up servicing. “Taking care of your septic system is as necessary as changing out the oil in your car,” says Robert. “The more regularly you maintain your tank, the longer it will perform for you.”



Dimmick’s conducts extensive evaluations in order to provide customers with as much knowledge as possible regarding their septic system. This is particularly useful to expand upon home inspections during residential sales. Their assessment includes a thorough report detailing evaluation procedures, tank and system evaluation, diagram and video files, and their results and recommendations.

Moving beyond septic tanks, Robert points out that Dimmick’s “serves close to 90% of the restaurants in the area” pumping and servicing grease traps. Restaurants are required to use grease traps to prevent fats, grease, and oils from entering septic systems and causing significant problems. Dimmick’s is available to pump these systems and then properly dispose of the grease trap material.



All manner of wastewater pipes and drains are addressed by Dimmick’s line cleaning. Again, Dimmick’s doesn’t just clean clogged pipes but instead works to identify the source of the problem in order to recommend solutions to prevent further troubles. One way this is achieved is by using state of the art cameras to examine issues within the system. Dimmick’s has the equipment and skilled operators that can then perform the necessary repairs.

Robert affirms that springtime is a good time of year to contact them about portable rentals, commonly known as “porta-potties.” Dimmick’s offers portable rentals for any event, offering units from basic, to flushable, to more lavish restrooms that can even include heat or air conditioning. Many of the local outdoor sports fields use these rentals, and of course the restrooms are available for outside weddings, family or corporate gatherings, and any public event.

What happens when things don’t “flow” as they should? Dimmick’s is available 24 hours for emergency service. “About 80% of our business in the winter is responding to emergency calls,” says Robert. “We also respond to calls over the weekends for urgent repairs or backups.” In contrast, the warmer months are often their busiest for routine services, preventative planning, and system evaluations.

Robert’s father, Russell Dimmick, began the company and Robert began pumping his first tank at age 16. The company now employs anywhere from 15-20 staff, including Robert’s son, Billy, and his sister, Darlene. A 2013 graduate of VTC, Billy marks the third generation of family involvement in the company and participates in all aspects of the business.

“We have a really good crew,” says Robert. “Our employees are what really make us shine. I can’t say enough good things about them.” Dimmick Wastewater Services can be reached at 728-3805; their website is dimmickseptic.com.

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