Arcimoto opens electric vehicle rental center in Eugene | Local


EUGENE, Ore. — Arcimoto is bringing its Fun Utility Vehicle rental services to Eugene.

The Arcimoto Eugene Rental Center opened just days ago, and it operates seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Arcimoto Eugene is the fourth Arcimoto rental location — the others being Arcimoto San Diego, Arcimoto Key West and GoCar Tours in San Francisco.

The cost to rent one of the electric vehicles is $16 per hour, or $100 per day.

According to Director of Communications Jonathan Miller, there are nothing but good reports coming from customers about the new rental service.

“People are really enjoying it. It’s kind of like the jet ski of the road. You know how you go to a place like Lake Tahoe and you rent the jet ski for the day? This is that kind of experience but on the road,” said Miller.

All you need to rent a vehicle is a valid driver’s license, $100 for the day and a desire to explore the hidden gems of Western Oregon.

The electric, easy-to-drive vehicles are on three wheels and can be charged anywhere with a plug-in. Miller is hopeful this will make more tourists happy to come to Eugene.

“For people coming to Eugene, we really believe this city can become a green-tech capitol of the Pacific Northwest and we really think there’s no better way to put your best foot forward than in the cockpit of an FUV,” said Miller.

For those who are interesting in taking one of these vehicles out for a test drive, or if you have already and want to spend the day zipping around the area, you can go to, and select the Eugene location.

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